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Karate Intensives for Shotokan Practitioners

Fifth degree black belt Nina Chenault has over thirty years of training in Shotokan Karate. Sensei Chenault has trained around the country and in Japan, and has had the priviledge of studying with several masters including Senseis' Nishiyama, Yaguchi and Mori. This broad exposure to diverse ideas gives Sensei Chenault both breadth and depth in her training that is unique in the martial arts.

Sensei Chenault is a professional martial artist, and has the distinction of being the first North American woman to achieve her rank in the International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF). She pioneered the effort for women to be included in national and international competition, and went on to compete successfully in National and World Karate Competitions from 1973 to 1992. She is now an international judge and referee and operates a martial arts school - the West Bank Karate Club - offering Shotokan Karate, Yoga and Tai Chi.

During her ongoing search for knowledge and influences, Sensei Chenault has enabled and experienced the evolution of women's participation in Shotokan Karate first hand. Her expertise in shifting, self-defense and creative kumite is drawn both from this experience and her integration of varied traditional perspectives.

Dan Exams:

*1972 Shodan - Sensei Yamaguchi
*1974 Nidan - Sensei Nakayama
*1980 Sandan - Sensei Matsura
*1986 Yondan - Sensei Nishiyama - Blocking (soto uke)
*1996 Godan - Sensei Nishiyama - Shifting (yori ashi)
*Current research regards how traditional martial arts training develops intuitiveness.

Sensei Chenault offers karate seminars in the following topics:
*Creative Kumite Strategy (for women and men)
*Kata - Individual and Team
*Self Defense
*How to integrate Kihon to Kata and Kumite
*Others as requested

If you are interested in having Sensei Chenault conduct a seminar at a dojo or club in your region, please coordinate her visit in conjunction with your regional director. Please email nc@ninachenault.com or call 612-333-8635 for more information and to discuss a curriculum.