Nikon D3300 lenses and accessories you’ll actually use

It’s pretty hard ignoring all the “customers who bought this also bought these” adverts when you’re diligently shopping for your camera. And honestly, some of the accessories you’ll see don’t even make sense since most Nikon D3300 buyers are newbies.

Nikon D3300 camera with accessories

So which accessories are actually essential?

To a large extent, that will depend on you.

And unless you plan on using your Nikon D3300 camera once and keeping it in storage, extra accessories are pretty inescapable.

As you get more interested in photography, you’ll eventually find your needs evolving – Need for clearer photos, better light reflection and so forth. But before you get to that point, here are some basic accessories you can buy from the get-go because you can be sure you’ll need them;

● Extra Battery – this is probably the best accessory you can get for your camera because charging and taking photos? frustrating! To be on the safe side, it’s recommended you get Nikon batteries as they’ll be the most compatible.

● Tripod – those videos won’t record themselves. Make sure it isn’t too heavy to lift when fully collapsed, or too light to support your D3300’s (1.11 lbs) weight. Also, note the max and min adjustable height.

● Memory card (or if you’re feeling ambitious, an external hard drive)

● Shutter remote control

While you’ll most likely use all the accessories above, you could also improve other features of your Nikon D3300 with;

Lenses – your camera will come with a 24.2 megapixels zoom lens, which is great for beginner photos, but won’t really capture all the details a prime lens would.

Disc Light reflectors – since light is the perhaps the most important factor in photography, an adequate control of it can be very useful if you want to take professional-looking shots.

Bottom line, the accessories you’ll actually use on your Nikon D3300 will depend a lot on your photography needs/level. Buying a D3300 bundle can also bring some savings in your pocket while getting all these accessories all at one. These gadgets or their updates will always be on the market, so take the time to know what your needs are. For more information about the Nikon D3300 camera visit the official website.